Customer loyalty programs critical to growth of businesses

Customer loyalty programs critical to growth of businesses

July 5, 2019 0 By mykenyancareers
HotPoint - Customer loyalty programs critical to growth of businesses
LG awards a winner/Julie Owino

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 4 – Customer loyalty programs has been tapped critical to growth of businesses.

This is according to  Marketing Officer Caroline Wanini at Hotpoint Appliances.

“ In today’s market place it is not about you receiving money or you selling a product and a customer paying for it you have to engage that customer and there has to be a reward as to why they are coming to shop with you,” said Wanini.

She further adds that competitions often done by organizations embrace are 98 percent out of clients request who hope to be rewarded for their loyalty to the vendors.

“Sometimes we try and come up with ways that can actually encourage our customers by letting them participate and win prizes,” she adds.

Some other methods that can boost a customer and client relationship are through developing emotional connections where clients can deal on a face to face basis with their vendors and not a faceless corporation.

Building different forums such as Facebook and LinkedIn groups and use of technology such as social media has also been commissioned by companies such as Samsung, LG and Hotpoint Appliances  as key drivers in predicting a customer need.

According Samsung Electronics Limited Company Charles Kimari customers can also be wooed through release of affordable devises that cover the entire sphere of the customer base.

“As vendors, we need to strive at all times to ensure that we are able to ensure all our customers are able to buy the items that they can afford and that can serve them for a longer period of time,” he says.

LG has also recommended the use of longer warranty periods that can also be adapted by different home application sellers.

“What companies also need to do to win customers is give warranties like two years or more, you make customers feel safe and of course contests are also a good strategy to win them,” says Marketing Manager LG Maureen Kemunto.