My Hustle: I Make Sh2000 Daily from 3 Businesses

My Hustle: I Make Sh2000 Daily from 3 Businesses

October 28, 2019 0 By mykenyancareers

jane 1 - My Hustle: I Make Sh2000 Daily from 3 Businesses23-year-old Jane Muthoni shared her business story with Hustle.

I began life working as a house help. I quit after a few months owing to little pay compared to workload. I moved out of my employer’s house and began hustling doing anything that came along like tilling gardens.

When I was not tending to gardens, I worked as a casual labourer at construction sites. This line of work was more sustainable as some of the projects took long to complete, thus guaranteeing me a steady income.

However, there were downsides working with men. They did not believe that I could do construction work just as well as they did. After close to a year working in construction sites, I went into self-employment.

Currently, I run three hustles; selling charcoal, watermelons and running a salon. My day begins early in the morning when I start by selling charcoal to the early risers.

Between 9 am and 10 am, I go purchase watermelons and hawk sliced pieces until afternoon. Thereafter, I’m able to get to my salon business which is only three months old and I’m still equipping.

The watermelon and salon hustles were born as a result of idle time. Charcoal stock moves mainly in the mornings and evenings, presenting plenty of idle time. Though I have not broken even in any of the hustles, at least the income is stable.

The main challenge is competition from better-equipped salon businesses. On a good day, the combined businesses can generate an income of Sh2,000.

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