Centum’s subsidiary Tribus to invest Sh137mn on 10 Youth Employment Centres

Centum’s subsidiary Tribus to invest Sh137mn on 10 Youth Employment Centres

February 22, 2020 0 By mykenyancareers
MWORIA JAMES CENTUM 1024x652 - Centum’s subsidiary Tribus to invest Sh137mn on 10 Youth Employment Centres
Mworia says the intention is to tackle youth unemployment and empower small businesses/FILE

February 2020 – Centum Investment’s Tribus-TSG is set to open 10 employment
centres across 10 different counties in Kenya that will help to directly link
job seekers to their potential employers.

company has partnered with the Mastercard Foundation in Kenya, under its Young
Africa Works initiative.

Foundation will support the project by committing $1.36 million (about Sh137
million) to finance both the employee wages and equipping of the first 10 pilot
Ajiry Centres.

Centres will work with the government, counties, private sector, educational
institutions, training providers, associations, and NGOs to create an open,
free employment platform.

will offer a free platform that will link job seekers to employers as well as
provide mentorship and professional training.

strategically located Ajiry Centres will be established in different regions to
serve people from diverse backgrounds.

Ajiry Centres are currently under development and the Ajiry App was launched in
May 2019 to give job seekers real-time job opportunities and on-demand
workforce services.

have already registered in our database more than 23,000 skills and advertised
more than 9,000 jobs since the launch of the Ajiry App.

intention is to tackle youth unemployment and empower small businesses,” says
Centum’s Chief Executive Officer, James Mworia. On the Ajiry Progressive Web
App, which can be accessed via the link www.ajiry.com, a button called
“MyHustle” will enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and
individuals to advertise their products free of charge.

Ajiry App gives employers freedom to choose from a variety of rated and
verified professionals, and to call them directly to negotiate payment terms.

platform also gives users a variety of well-paying unformal jobs to choose
from, rather than trying to secure a position from the scarce formal employment

has been achieved by creating a platform for recruitment of blue-collar workers
and the advertisement of art to promote talent.

in young people is critical for economic growth and pays dividends over the
long-term,” explains Daniel Hailu, Regional Head Eastern and Southern Africa at
the Mastercard Foundation.

the right support in relevant skills, financial services, networks, and
markets, young Kenyans will find dignified and fulfilling work, which will
improve their lives and those of their communities.”

Mastercard Foundation will implement Young Africa Works in 10 African
countries, including Kenya, in collaboration with governments, private sector,
entrepreneurs, educators, and young people.

Kenya, the initiative aims to see five million young Kenyans, especially young
women, access dignified work.

March 2019, Centum through its subsidiary Tribus TSG, which provides private
security solutions, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the
National Youth Service (NYS).

the partnership, 173 NYS graduates have been absorbed into Tribus TSG. More
than 100 youths have also received training at Centum’s Vipingo Development at
the Kenyan coast, out of which 20 were employed within the real estate project.

Vipingo Scholarship Fund has awarded more than 154 scholarships to
disadvantaged boys and girls.

Centum started construction works here in our region and employed me, my life
has really changed. I can now afford to raise and pay school fees for my
children without a problem. I hereby urge my fellow friends to come join me so
that we can all grow together,” appeals Eunice Pahe Mwadodo, a scholarship

have also invested more than Sh30million in six start-ups as part of the Centum
Foundation’s objective of empowering the growth of small businesses,” says Mworia.

have made a deliberate decision to focus our corporate social investments to
tackle unemployment among the youth. We believe youth are key to the
contribution of the country’s economic agenda and remain untapped given the
continued rise in the unemployment rate.”